Thursday, March 07, 2019

Latest Podcast Data (March 2019)

Over fifty percent of American adults have now listened to a podcast according to the latest Edison Infinite Dial report which was published yesterday. Podcasts have probably been the slowest growing form of communication technology, with very little growth from 2006 to 2015. However, podcasts are now becoming mainstream. The chart below shows the recent growth in US monthly listening, with 90m monthly podcast listeners or 32% of the population (12+).

The age profile of podcast listeners shows that around 40% of young people and middle age people listen to podcasts. Only 17% of older people over the age of 55 listen to podcasts currently. The younger profile and growth of podcasts has led Spotify to plan to invest up to $500m in the podcast area this year.

Those that do listen to podcasts appear to become fans of the format, possibly because of the nature of the medium such as being able to listen at a time of their choosing, such as while commuting, exercising, walking or at home. They listen to multiple podcasts and average 7 podcasts a week.