Tuesday, June 06, 2017

And The Most Shared And Viewed UK Election Content Is ....

  • The BBC's One Show Interview with Theresa May?
  • The YouTube video of Liar Liar?
  • The opinion poll showing Tory lead cut to one percent?
  • A newspaper post on the dementia tax?
  • The Conservative video of Corbyn opposing anti-terror legislation?
The most shared and most viewed election content online are both videos. The first published on Facebook by Channel 4 and the second published on Facebook by @www.joe.co.uk (click images to view).


Jamie Oliver's despair at the Conservative school meals policy has been viewed over 10m times and shared over 180,000 times. The remix of Stormzy's Shut Up with Jeremy Corbyn doing the lyrics has had over 6.8m views at the time of writing. It has also had over 233,000 interactions on Facebook since it was published on 30 May.

The BBC One Show with Theresa May had approximately 5m viewers. The highest ever number of viewers for the BBC's Question Time was 8m viewers back in 2009.

Captain Ska's Liar Liar video on YouTube has had 2.4m views at the time of writing.