Sunday, May 21, 2017

Gap Narrows Following Manifesto Launches

The latest polls show a significant narrowing of the Conservative Party lead following the manifesto launches.

Four polls published this weekend project a Conservative vote share of between 44 and 46 percent, still well ahead of the Labour Party on 33 to 35 percent, but potentially reducing a Conservative majority to around 40 seats.

The Conservative manifesto has attracted a lot of criticism and the Labour Party have been quick to capitalise dubbing their social care proposals a "dementia tax". Below are some recent posts that are getting well shared on Facebook in the last few days.

Update: The reactions to the so-called "dementia tax" have led Theresa May to back down and withdraw the proposal today (Monday 22nd May 2017). Latest details in the Financial Times.

By contrast BuzzFeed published a post on last week's most shared UK election articles using BuzzSumo data and found that people really like sharing Labour's manifesto.

Update: The Labour Party have also now proposed scrapping student tuition fees for students from this September and this story is trending on Monday morning (22nd May 2017) according to BuzzSumo.

The three minor parties appear to be squeezed with UKIP support ebbing away and the Liberals potentially on course to do less well than they did at the last election. Their second referendum strategy targeted at the 48% that voted remain appears to have been a mistake in terms of the election.