Saturday, August 09, 2014

Saturday BuzzSumo Reflections - Tracking Competitor Traffic

Just a short post this week as I am in Dublin with my fellow BuzzSumo director Stephen Walsh and his family.

For those that have followed my BuzzSumo posts you will know that we set Topsy as a benchmark, even though it is not a direct competitor as such. We are focused much more on content intelligence to support content marketing. However, each week I track simple things like Topsy's rank against ours. As our visitor traffic has continued to rise so our Alexa rank has also increased.

The chart below shows we have risen steadily to a rank of 5,600, still some way behind Topsy at 3,600, although we have a higher ranking in the US at 2,400 compared to 3,100 at the time of writing. We do appear to have a higher ranking than other social and tracking tools such as TrackMaven shown below and tools such as Followerwonk.

There are lots of questions about the validity of Alexa so this week I took a look at's rankings which were as follows:



Whilst according to Compete we only get two thirds of the traffic of Topsy the encouraging news is that we are heading in the right direction.

A big thanks to all out subscribers and users. This was a record week for new BuzzSumo subscribers. Hopefully this is a good sign before we launch our Pro Product later this month.