Saturday, June 08, 2013

Introducing Anders Pink - A New B2B Marketing Community

You probably won't have heard of Anders Pink. This is because he is a persona who has given his name to a new B2B marketing community.

B2B marketing is a fast changing area with developments in content marketing, social media and technology.  A group of us were talking about these changes and thought it would be helpful to have a community site which openly shares the latest news, developments and views on B2B marketing without a sales call to action.

The result, after some glasses of wine and a few espressos, is the Anders Pink website.

On the site a respected group of contributors will share their latest thoughts in a community blog. We are also curating a set of B2B marketing case studies and in time will add freely available reports, tips and white papers. John Helmer has kindly agreed to be the first editor of the site.

You can follow us on Twitter at @anderspink, on Facebook, on LinkedIn or on Google+ +Anders Pink to see how we are getting on.  Do follow us and let us know what you think, we would really love your feedback.

Also if you have views on B2B marketing, why not join up as a contributor.

Why Anders Pink?

When we were planning the website we developed some personas, to help us ensure the site met the need of the target audience. One of the personas was a character, named by my daughter Becky, as Anders Pink. His persona was as follows:

"Anders was 32, he had been in marketing for about five years and had recently been appointed as the marketing manager for a growing B2B company. He could see many opportunities for his new company to improve their marketing and was particularly interested in developing a more active digital strategy."

"He believed that the research and content produced by the company could form the core of a content marketing strategy. He also believed that many customers respected the expertise in the company and that they could engage in an active online community. The difficulty was that Anders was very busy, always being asked to do more with less. What he really wanted was a place to access latest thinking and considered papers that were not trying to sell him something. He had been amazed by how many research papers by marketing software companies concluded that marketing automation was a necessity."

When we were thinking about a name for the site we decided that we should name it after Anders Pink.

It had many things going for it:

  • it was unique, we couldn’t find anyone called Anders Pink 
  • the web address was available as were the twitter, slideshare and other names 
  • it was memorable, at least we thought so 
The name also had an associated colour, or color for those in the US. We decided to adopt Salmon Pink for the brand. This is the colour used by the Financial Times. We felt this was a useful iconic reference as we were aiming to build a site that offered insights based on research and considered thinking. Thus the pages across the site are all Salmon Pink.

The Anders Test

When posting to the site all contributors must take the Anders test i.e. would Anders find the article or content helpful?

Your Feedback

As I mentioned earlier we would love your feedback, so follow us on your social platform of choice - Twitter at @anderspink, on Facebook, on LinkedIn or on Google+ +Anders Pink and let us know what you think.