Sunday, April 21, 2013

10 Reasons to use Slideshare for B2B marketing

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Slideshare is one of the most powerful content distribution channels and yet it doesn't always receive the attention it deserves.

For content marketers I would argue it is one of the top 5 content distribution platforms.

Ten reasons to use Slideshare for B2B content marketing

  1. Slideshare is one of the top 150 most visited sites on the internet. There are over 3 billion slide views every month.
  2. Presentations are very easy to share and to embed.
  3. Slideshare is a discovery site where people search for relevant content.
  4. You can create inbound links from your presentations.
  5. Slideshare presentations rank well on Google and are primarily found via organic search.
  6. Slideshare allows you to demonstrate your ability to produce great content. You can also take existing content such as white papers or articles and create Slideshare summaries.
  7. Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn and there is a close tie up between the two. You can link your Slideshare account with your LinkedIn account so that all your slideshares are shared on LinkedIn automatically.
  8. According to ComScore, Slideshare has around five time as much traffic from business owners than Twitter or Facebook. It appears to have a much more senior audience.
  9. You can subscribe to a Pro account and get analytics and leads from $19 a month (as at April 2013).
  10. You can review your competitor slide decks and ensure you are keeping ahead of the competition.

Slideshare Infographic - The Quiet Giant

Below is a good overview of Slideshare statistics by Column Five Media.
slideshare infographic