Friday, October 07, 2005

Kineo starts

Through this blog I hope to document the adventures of Kineo.

Kineo is a new business that four of us are starting this week! So this blog will follow our ups and downs (though we hope we won't have so many of those).

The aim is to develop a company providing a wide range of e-learning services including consultancy and e-learning products.

Today is the real start of Kineo I suppose as Stephen started fee earning work for Kineo yesterday, Mark today and I start next week. I only start two days a week as my current employer wants me to help out until November.

We have done some planning, though I suspect as always, not as much as we should have.

We have set up a limited liability partnership, we have bought some urls and we have a business plan. Oh, and we also havea first contract! Though I will feel better when we have the website up and running, business cards, phones and other basics.

we have also engaged a web designer and programmer; and after many iterations we should get a version to look at tonight. Fingers crossed!