Sunday, April 06, 2014

How Timing Improves Marketing and Sales Performance

I was reflecting on an article this weekend by Derek Singleton, a B2B Sales & Marketing Analyst at Software Advice, which looked at B2B buyer behaviour and the importance of timing.

Derek took a practical look at B2B buyer behaviour by analysing data from over 6m unique visitors to the Software Advice site. His findings confirmed my views about how timing can significantly affect your performance. For example, it was interesting, if not surprising, to see a direct relationship between the speed of response and success in Derek's analysis. 

In my latest Anders Pink blog post I explore the importance of timing in B2B marketing in three areas:

  • the timing of your campaigns over the year
  • when you distribute your news or post your news to social networks
  • how quickly you respond to enquiries
The BuzzSumo team have been exploring similar issues this week by playing with new features for the tool including an analysis of shares of content over time. Below is one of the draft reports looking at shares of content for a particular web domain over a 7 day period.

The new reports are a work in progress but I am excited at how you can gain important insights from analysing when people share content. I will update further as the development work progresses.

I have also been continuing to review social media tools, this week I wrote up a review of how Twtrland can help you improve influencer marketing for Social Media Today. I was also very impressed by both Steady Demand and Bottlenose. Steady Demand really does take Google Plus page management to a new level and I love the way it tries to improve your performance not simply monitor tracking data. Bottlenose also takes data analysis to a new level, almost worrying how much it knows about you. I will be writing up full reviews shortly.