Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Elearning As Content Marketing

According to Joe Pulizzi marketers can no longer interrupt customers with outbound sales advertising and mediocre content. The future is content marketing where prospects and customers are drawn in by information and content they actually want to engage with. In essence content that is helpful and informative.

Content marketing can take many forms and in his latest book on Epic Content Marketing Joe recommends e-learning as a useful form of content marketing for companies.

One of the issues with content marketing is that the content, whether an article, a video, a case study or an infographic, often stands alone. The content does not necessarily link to other content or help construct understanding.

Joe recommends that one way to address this is to develop an elearning series. He doesn't recommend a one-off elearning module but rather creating an elearning series that develops and builds understanding over time. Joe refers to this as creating a content promise.

It is an interesting proposition and I anticipate we will see more elearning developed specifically as part of content marketing strategies to engage potential customers in the future. The development of an elearning series can deliver many benefits including:

- telling a story on a consistent basis
- engaging users through interactivity
- developing understanding to resolve problems
- creating engagement through webinars
- adding value through knowledge checks and diagnostics

Below is a 60 second clip on Joe's thoughts about creating an elearning series as part of a content marketing strategy.