Sunday, July 21, 2013

Corporate Learning Trends - What Is Happening In 2013?

learning trends image graph on laptop
Last year I was part of a research project that looked at learning trends within 30 major corporate businesses. The research identified ten key trends in corporate learning and development. These were:

  1. A real focus on improving performance, what ultimately matters is improving how people do their jobs and the outcomes they achieve. This may be less mistakes, greater sales, or improved efficiency.
  2. A more structured focus on supporting informal learning, providing a range of resources as well as courses. Many of these resources are generated by other staff or experts, such as short videos, top tips, how to guides, etc.
  3. There is still a focus on formal courses but these are more blended, they incorporate a more sophisticated use of webinars/virtual classrooms, elearning and social learning.
  4. Preparation for a multi-device world. The advent of smartphones and particularly tablets has led to a rethinking of content design including a move to HTML for delivery on tablets and responsive elearning to deliver a single version that works across all devices.
  5. Rethinking elearning design, with smaller objects, less linear design and more innovative design approaches including scrolling designs that are more familiar on smartphones and tablets.
  6. Support for experiential learning, which is designed to help people learn on the job and to apply their learning.
  7. A greater focus on line managers and the role they play in supporting, coaching and developing their teams.
  8. Redesigning assessment, with more on the job assessment and less formal assessment. This included more frequent forms of assessment.
  9. Increased focus on learner journeys, which can be supported through learning portals and learning communities.
  10. Greater evaluation of outcomes, with learning technology there has been more focus on data, on tracking learning and on proving business benefits.
Overall L&D managers were very confident of their ability to improve business performance through the use of blended learning solutions. We are now undertaking the research for 2013 and it will be interesting to see what if anything has changed over the last 12 months. It would be great to get your views.

You can see a summary of last year's research below and you can get the full report from the Kineo website.