Saturday, June 22, 2013

23 Lessons from Content Marketing Case Studies

On the Anders Pink community we have been pulling together a set of content marketing case studies and highlighting the key lessons we can learn from them. Below is a summary of the lessons we have identified so far.

American Express OPEN Forum

OPEN Forum is a community site dedicated to small businesses. They have built a community with over 200 contributors and 190,000 twitter followers.

Key Lessons
1. Provide valuable content
2. Allow login with existing networks
3. Encourage users to share
4. Use content to establish authority
5. Use multiple contributors
6. Be in it for the long term

See the full OPEN Forum B2B case study.

Financial Times

The Financial Times has made good use of its Google+ page, achieving over 1m followers in 2012 and heading towards 2m users currently. It is a good Google+ case study.

Key Lessons
1. Use visual content on your G+ page
2. Build content around current news
3. Understand why users share
4. Use G+ buttons on your site
5. Integrate G+ in your strategy
6. Keep innovating, try hangouts

See the full Financial Times Google+ case study. have grown significantly from a launch in 2008 to controlling almost 80% of the online project management market. They did this without any traditional advertising by building a community around their content. They have the largest project management LinkedIn community globally.

Key Lessons
1. Give away quality content
2. Build a LinkedIn community
3. Use email newsletters
4. Engage with your community
5. Use social networks to promote content
6. Build trust and authority

See the full B2B case study.


I have previously covered how Accenture use content marketing on this site. Their website includes a Latest Thinking section with a range of free resources.

Key Lessons
1. Design for your audience
2. Produce original, insightful content
3. Use multiple content formats
4. Provide added value for registering
5. Use video and audio

See the full Accenture content marketing case study.