Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Latest Research on Blended Learning

Bryan Chapman has recently published the results of his latest research on blended learning, which contains some interesting findings on typical blends and the costs of developing blended learning.

188 organisations took part in the research and they reported using a wide variety of blended approaches. In fact no two blends were the same. In terms of delivery formats the key findings were:

  • The two dominant delivery formats in 87% of blends were face to face classroom and eLearning.
  • Virtual classrooms continue to grow and good to see 58% of blends now including virtual classrooms.
  • Social and collaborative learning has grown and was included in 49% of blends.
  • Informal learning and knowledgebases was lower than I expected, being included in only 37% of blends.
  • Mobile on tablet was higher than mobile on phones which I think is to be expected, though again I was surprised this was not higher. In fact I wonder about mobile on tablet as a category since most elearning and LMSs these days (Flash excepted) will work on a tablet and there are more people like me that often use a tablet instead of a laptop as a mater of course and don't really consider it to be any different. After all we don't distinguish between laptop and desktop learning.

It would be useful to have more information on the subject areas and content types to identify typical approaches and maybe Bryan will share more later. 

The range of blends is exemplified in this small sample from Bryan's research.

blend types

Bryan's full report is available from his site or in the slideshare below.