Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Using Stories in Content Marketing

ulysses coverI recently faced the prospect of a full day's drive to my daughter's college to collect all the various clothes and books she couldn't carry home on the train. The joys of being a parent. However, what was potentially a very dull day was transformed into a happy 7 hours as I spent the entire drive listening to Ulysses by James Joyce. I can really recommend the BBC audio adaptation, Andrew Scott is excellent. The experience bought home to me the power of stories and their ability to keep me engaged for such a significant period of time.

The current world of content marketing is increasingly dominated by content of the 'top ten tips' variety. This type of content works well as it is easy to digest and readily shared. However, I believe using stories in your content marketing can create far more engagement with potential customers.

Stories have a more emotional impact than other forms of content. They are more personal, they create insights, they change  perceptions and they even persuade people to take particular actions. Research also shows that stories are far more memorable than facts and figures.

I have put together the following short slideshow on why you should use stories in your content marketing, plus the  principles of story design and some follow on reading. We might not be James Joyce but we can all benefit from a little storytelling.