Saturday, April 20, 2013

Twitter is now, Google+ is the future

It has taken me some time but I am really beginning to enjoy Google+. It seems like I am not the only one. A recent survey by B2B Marketing has found that while Twitter may be the most popular B2B social platform currently, B2B marketing professionals expect Google+ to overtake both Twitter and Facebook within 12 months.

The survey found the most popular current social platforms for B2B marketing to be:

  1. 85% Twitter
  2. 82% LinkedIn
  3. 77% YouTube
  4. 71% Facebook
  5. 36% Google+
This is probably what I would have expected at the current time. I am particularly pleased to see LinkedIn scoring highly, as this platform continues to grow and I personally think it could be the leading social platform for B2B marketing next year. However, I can see why Google + is growing quickly. I have been using it for a little while now and I really like it as a work social network.

Advantages of Google+

There are many advantages to Google+, these include:

Create segmented groups - You can easily define and create your own Circles, which are groups of your contacts segmented as you require.

Communities - Google+ Communities act much like a LinkedIn group, where you can share and interact with like minded individuals. The number of Communities has been growing and there are some really engaging Communities exploring areas such as elearning or content marketing. In my experience the spammers are not as active on Google+ as they are on Twitter and LinkedIn. There is a danger this changes as Google+ grows in popularity.

Plus 1 - This is far more powerful than a Facebook Like or a Twitter Retweet. It actually combines both, it is an endorsement of the content and it shares the content. It is also being included in Google search results which makes it particularly significant for B2B marketers.

Hangouts - Google is continually pushing new ideas and hangouts allows multi-way conversations. I am not sure yet how well these work in reality but it is still early days.

The Google+ app - I really like the Google+ app on my iPad, it feels more like reading my Twitter feed on Flipboard. It is easy and a pleasure to use.

The B2B Marketing survey results are summarised in the following infographic.

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