Friday, April 12, 2013

Hargreaves Lansdown - Content Marketing Success Story

Whilst researching some investment advice recently, I came across Hargreaves Lansdown.  I think they are a good case study of successful content marketing. Below are some of my thoughts on why
and what we can learn.

A sector ripe for content marketing

The financial services industry is a complex sector. There are a myriad of financial products and services to choose from. It is therefore a sector where customers actively look for help and advice so they can make informed decisions. In essence customers seek good quality content, hence a sector ripe for content marketing.

Quality content

Hargreaves Lansdown produce a wide range of  high quality content including:
  • research and guides
  • videos and expert interviews
  • blogs and articles
  • tools
  • latest news
Thus they provide their audience with a choice of content types and a rich source of investment and financial services information.

Thought leadership content

Hargreaves Lansdown produce content that people want to read because it adds value. The investment guides are considered and well researched. The articles and news content is very up to date and current.

Good content marketing is about producing content which adds value, it is about having something worth saying from your research or experience or your perspective. Hargreaves Lansdown is a good example of providing thought leadership content.

Lead management

Content marketing is only half the story, you need to actively manage leads that you generate. Download a guide from Hargreaves Lansdown and you will receive emails and investment updates. They make sure to keep you updated with valuable content and information.

Not convinced, take a look for yourself.