Friday, September 07, 2012

Webinar on Responsive E-Learning Design for Multiple Devices

My last post on e-learning in a multi-device world seemed to generate a lot of interest. So I have agreed to do a webinar on the subject with the Learning & Skills Group. For anyone interested the details are below:

Designing and delivering e-learning in a multi-device world
20th September
2pm BST UK, 9am Eastern US

Get more details and add to your calendar.

Living in a multi-device world presents new challenges for learning departments. There are many design and technical issues involved in delivering learning to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

In this webinar we look at the implications of multiple devices for e-learning and demonstrate different delivery options with case studies. We will also show how new technical advances have enabled the development of responsive e-learning designs. These responsive designs allow content to be delivered in an appropriate format to multiple devices from a single version. This exciting development renders redundant the concept of developing different versions for different devices and the associated headaches of updating and tracking multiple versions.

The webinar will cover:
  • Growth of different devices and their use
  • Google survey findings on cross device behaviour
  • Delivering learning to multiple devices – Technical options and design implications
  • Single responsive e-learning designs (RED) - Delivering a single version to multiple devices
I will be demonstrating a number of responsive e-learning design examples and showing how even with a single version you can reduce and change content when the screen size reduces to that of smartphone. So images may no longer appear, text becomes bullet points, etc. It is all very exciting, can't wait to show off our latest work.